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About RJS Bee Farm

RJS Bee Farm (aka the owassobeeguy) is a hobbyist bee farm located in Owasso, Oklahoma. My kids and I enjoy working with the bees and learning just how the honeybee impacts us and our food supply. I created this website as a way for the local community to know about us as well as be a resource for myself and new beekeepers. There is a massive amount of websites concerning honeybees, and many that are a resource for me. Those links are located in the Links and Forums sections. In no way will I try to duplicate information that already exists elsewhere I will just point you to the best of what I have found.

I tend to jump into things with both feet and it evolved fast for me – if one hive is good, and two is better, then 30 must be awesome! I try to pass along to others everything I learn as a way of contributing to the growth of this fascinating hobby. Sharing about bees at the local elementary schools is always a fun event as well as “hands on” teaching for new beekeepers either at my yard or with their new colony. My kids participate where they can, and their interest drives me on even more. If you have more than a hive or two, you eventually have things to sell, and have experience to perform other services non-beekeepers may not be comfortable doing. You can check out the Products and Services page to learn about swarm catching services, cutouts, and bee product sales.

Thanks for taking the time to view these pages, I hope you found something interesting, educational, or at least just entertaining.